Super Duper Party Pooper Drops On You Today!

Super Duper Party Pooper, the hilariously titled Steam game is now available! Go drop a deuce on your friends. It’s kind of weird, but mostly hilarious and it’s ready for your Steam library. You can even add in your own music to launch turds to the beat of your own drum. Literally. So you start […]

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LASTFIGHT Coming to Consoles May 19th

LASTFIGHT is a 2v2 fighting game in which you brawl against your enemies and use whatever is nearby to throw at them to your advantage. Inspired by the comic series LASTMAN. A 3D Brawler at heart, LASTFIGHT puts you in 8 different arenas to battle it out against the computer in story mode, or play […]


PAX East 2016: Windscape

Ever wanted to play a first person adventure game like Zelda that also incorporates crafting elements like Minecraft or Terraria? Well then Windscape needs to be on your wish list.  So essentially it’s a lovely first person exploration/adventure game that brings back memories of the old school NES days when I used to sit and […]


Western Press Now Available!

Dueling Game Western Press is now available on PC/Mac via Steam! Okay, let’s face it. This game is absolutely awesome. You duel against friends in tournaments of who can press buttons faster (correctly, mind you) to fire off their 6-shooter first. With built in support for up to 16 player tournaments both local and online […]

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New DLC Content for Killing Floor 2

Co-op sci-fi horror/first person shooter game Killing Floor 2 gets it’s newest content update this past Friday. The content pack titled Revenge of the Zeds includes the long awaited Versus Survival PvP (player versus player) game mode which allows players to control the deadly Zeds, something previously unavailable.  There are over 10 dangerous Zed characters […]

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Hand of Fate 2 Announced

Hand of Fate, the popular card-meets 3rd person action/adventure battle game is getting a sequel! Defiant Development has announced that Hand of Fate 2 will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux in Q1 2017.  We reviewed the original Hand of Fate on PS4 and were pleasantly surprised by this game. The game pits players against […]

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Stikbold! Now Available on Steam!

Ahh what an amazing game that dodgeball…except this isn’t just dodgeball. Stikbold! is a Dodgeball Adventure! And it’s now available on Steam! PS4 and Xbox One available next week, but feel free to check out the announcement trailer below: Stikbold! has a story mode that is solo or co-op playable. In addition, it has a local […]

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Layers of Fear Now Available

The horror game Layers of Fear has left early access and is now available on PC and Consoles (PS4, Xbox One) today! Aspyr Media and developer Bloober Team put this game together, and Bloober had this to say to all their fans: We would like to take this opportunity and thank all of our fans and […]


Dungelot: Shattered Lands out now for iOS!

Dungelot: Shattered Lands is the 3rd in the Dungelot series. It’s a roguelike dungeon crawler mixed with minesweeper-esque that was well received on its initial release by two-man Russian team Red Winter. Following the industry trends, the 2nd installation in the series went free-to-play and wasn’t as successful. TinyBuild Games, the publisher that just recently helped […]

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Death By Game Show Out Now!

There’s a new contestant in town…it might be you! The name of the game is, Death by Game Show, a pop-culture fans’ dream. It’s the 26th century and being smart(er) than others is a bad thing. Droids rule the world and will subject you to challenges that will test your wit and reflexes to survive. Make […]

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Spacejacked Set for Arrival February 26th

Spacejacked looks really cool. Think tower defense but you’re Dave, the space-technician who has to keep saving his colleagues from aliens who keep abducting them. Like, hi-jacked, but in space. So Spacejacked. Using your wits you’ll build defenses and take out aliens to keep that from happening, all while jamming out to chiptunes. It has […]

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Rogue Stormers Releasing March 24th

Run’n’gun games mixed with roguelikes are usually awesome. This one, Rogue Stormers, is REALLY awesome. How awesome? So awesome that the original name DieselStormers had to change because Diesel Clothing pushed a legal argument against the name (we read the article and it makes no sense to us either). So if you like games like Contra […]

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Punch Club Breaks $1m in Sales

Punch Club, the newest boxing “simulator” game published by tinyBuild hits the $1 million sales mark, netting over 100,000 sales across it’s Steam and iOS versions. Made by Lazy Bear Games, a Russian developer, Punch Club released to Steam only after it was beaten by twitch with a “twitchplays” run that took only a few […]

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Zombie Hunter, Inc. Now on Steam Early Access

Zombie Hunter, Inc. is now available via Steam Early Access. The release covers the multiplayer “Survival” mode, which has a slightly different take on your wave based shooter. Instead of the more progressive styled leveling up systems, Zombie Hunter, Inc. allows players to choose their loadout from the beginning of each round, changing up the […]

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TinyBuild To Release Four Games in Four Days

TinyBuild, most recently known for their work publishing Punch Club, will be celebrating “four-nification week” this week. What does that mean? Well, they’re going to be releasing four new games over the course of four days, starting today. TinyBuild has provided teaser clips of each game, and put up a timer on their website here […]

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Move or Die Coming to Steam Jan 21st

Move or Die is a “friend ruining game.” 4-player multiplayer madness might be a better descriptor though. Move or Die revolves around the idea that each round you play the rules change. So while you might have been playing Jump Shot and won, the next round will be something entirely different, like Keep Moving or […]

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Lovely Planet Coming to Xbox One in January

Lovely Planet, the lovely little speedrunning shooter from TinyBuild is coming to Xbox One on January 8th. You can pre-order (Note: Yes, that’s the GB store not the Xbox US store, trust me I don’t know why it would not re-direct to the US store even after manually changing the web address in browser) it now if […]

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Corgi Warlock Gets An Update

Corgi Warlock is a 1-4 side scrolling action game that puts you in control of Maia the Corgi. She’s the most powerful warlock around and its up to her and her friends to defeat the evil Bunny King. The game recently got a holiday update that improved textures and overall graphics, as well as adjusting […]

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Review: March of Industry (PC/Steam)

March of Industry has a subtitle of “Very Capitalist Factory Simulator Entertainments,” which doesn’t really need much in the way of explaining what the game is about.  The game is short (can be beaten in an hour), but if you’re into building simulators this game might be up your alley. You start out in a small […]