Western Press Now Available!

Dueling Game Western Press is now available on PC/Mac via Steam!


Okay, let’s face it. This game is absolutely awesome. You duel against friends in tournaments of who can press buttons faster (correctly, mind you) to fire off their 6-shooter first. With built in support for up to 16 player tournaments both local and online multiplayer, this is sure to put many friendships to the test. 

Here’s some info from the developer: 

Costing just a fistful of dollars (US$4.99), gameplay in Western Press is swift and simple: Choosing from 16 animated avatars, two players at a time face off in a duel to the death. Ten randomised button prompts appear on the screen, the first to complete the string draws iron, the second eats lead.
Western Press features support for up to 16 player tournaments, online and local play, as well as heavily customisable options. Along with Fastest Time mode, it also has a single player ladder to both earn your skill level and unlock characters, and Memory mode for those with more cerebral power than dexterity. Western Press caters to all degrees of the competitively inclined. Players can also use their weapon of choice, as Western Press works with both Xbox and PlayStation controllers, keyboard and selected PC dancemats.
If you’re not at all interested, watch the trailer (Linked because embed wasn’t working for some reason, sorry) and then re-think about your choices. This game looks like fun, especially if you and your friends are competitive. 
Developer: Bandit-1
Source: Stride PR
-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)