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A Hat in Time Makes its way to Console!

Coming off it’s October PC release and a fantastic Kickstarter success story, A Hat In Time makes its way from computer to console! Launching on PS4 first, A Hat in Time will be available December 5th in North America (Dec 6th in Europe), and a worldwide Xbox One release on December 6th.

A Hat in Time is a very adorable looking game that looks back at the Game Cube era with fond memories. It harnesses the excitement of what made 3D platformers so good, and will definitely spark a lot of nostalgia for fans of that time.

From the Release:

Developed by Gears for Breakfast, you play as Hat Kid, a tiny space-traveling girl with a lot of heart and a big top hat, as she travels the universe to protect its worlds from the evil Mustache Girl. Join her as she explores five incredibly diverse and giant open worlds, jumping and fighting her way through baddies, and unlocking sweet new hats with all-new abilities.


Editors Note: This post was auto-scheduled but never posted (our typical luck with technology), the game is already out and available for you to enjoy across all platforms listed. Cheers!

Developer: Gears for Breakfast

Steam Store | PS4 Store | Xbox One Store

Source: Uberstrategist PR

Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)