About Us

Welcome to the Disconnected Gamers Podcast, where we reconnect with gaming and life. The long story is we’re two friends who really like video games and tech stuff, and we figured it might as well torture you all with our (mostly Andrew’s) rambling and ranting about gaming and life stuff.

Podcast Hosts:

Andrew has been gaming forever, and as the youngest in his family he’s managed to hang onto every video game/console they ever had. The collection ranges from NES to present and includes over 100+ NES games, a Virtual Boy with several games, and current gen consoles as well. 

Mike is into fighting games, anime, and will pretty much always beat Andrew at anything Persona related. He also has a group of friends who run a Cosplay site called Do You Even Nerd Bro? A fan of the classics as well, Resident Evil is definitely Mike’s jam.

CJ (The Hug of War) – CJ is an avid gamer and occasionally puts the controller down to write up reviews on games. No stranger to any game genre, CJ plays on all consoles and PC. He also streams occasionally, follow his twitch!

When we do things:

We’re aiming to consistently podcast once a week or twice a week depending on our schedules, as we both have lives and jobs and stuff. We’ll try to keep you up to date on gaming news and reviews on things here on the website, but the podcast is available to subscribe on iTunes as well as listen right here on the website. That’s where you’ll find out what’s been bugging us or keeping us attached to the controller all week. We also occasionally livestream either on our own twitch channels or the Podcast Twitch Channel. We also have a YouTube Channel where we post videos and the podcast too. 

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Suggestions or wanna keep in touch? Tweet us @TheDGCast and let us know what you think or what you want us to cover.

Game Devs/PR/CMs who want us to check out games or tech stuff and talk about it/review it? E-Mail us! We’ll gladly check out your games (we can pretty much cover all platforms) and tech stuff like computer accessories, car accessories (iphone/android/etc). 


Thanks for allowing us to do this, you’re all awesome.

-The Disconnected Gamers Podcast