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Ep 90 – Post Black Friday Discussions, Destiny 2 XP & Battlefront 2 Microtransactions

Episode 90 (techncially 89 pt 2.). November 27th, 2017. Continuing off from where episode 89 should have continued, we discuss some more Black Friday related stuff but also talk about the ongoing issue regarding the way Destiny 2 has been handling XP. Only recently, after a reddit user (or several) dived into the mechanics of the game, they realized that you actually earned less XP overall when doing repetitive tasks (i.e. re-running public events, strikes, etc.) and without these people’s deep dive into it, there would’ve been no way to know visually, as the game kept showing you that you were earning the same amount of XP normally. After putting all the information up on the web, Bungie did finally reply and confirm their suspicions. It opens up a can of worms because it’s almost as if you were punishing players who wanted to just run a particular category of gameplay over again. Why give them a diminishing rate of returns if they just want to run strikes all day with friends, or grind public events?

Links regarding Destiny 2 XP referenced: (Arts Technica) (Kotaku)

We also talked about Battlefront 2 and the whole Microtransaction/Loot Crate situation, as it’s been another issue hot off the press. As of right now, EA has suspended microtransactions in the game for unlocking hero characters, but we all know that means they will be implementing those at some point in the future. This discussion also lead into a bit of talk about whether or not microtransactions and loot boxes are gambling, and while we don’t think we are the most adept at talking about the finer points of it, we do talk about our feelings on the situation in various settings. 

Links for Battlefront 2:

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