Ep 103 – Still Living in Coronaland

Episode 103. May 23rd, 2020. Mike, CJ, and Andrew re-convene to chat about life and gaming, heavily focusing on the “disconnected” part of TheDGCast.

Not a ton to discuss as we’re all doing different things as of late and the summer always ends up being a slow time for the gaming cycle. Biggest things still coming down the pipeline are TLoU 2, Cyberpunk, and Ghost of Tsushima (not to be confused with Sushis and Sashimis by the way).

That said, still a fun episode to catch up and just chat about gaming and life and stuff. Hope you’re all doing well yourselves out there, and keeping busy as you can and staying safe and healthy.

Andrew, Mike, and CJ, the Disconnected Gamers Podcast