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Ep 31 – Modern Retro Remakes and other Retro Discussion!

Episode 31. July 26th, 2015. Mike and Andrew are joined by their pal Brian (@BlanketsWilson) to talk games. A suggested twitter question from our twitter sparked the discussion this week. 

twitter, retro gaming, retro podcast, So from this tweet, we discuss the idea of what games would be retro-ized or how that would work. It’s a surprisingly complex discussion because so many current games have been influenced by existing retro games, so that must be taken into play. Also the fact that when you take away the future technologies in current games, making them as a retro game would severely cripple the game’s intentions.

So enjoy this discussion, and feel free to suggest your own gaming topics for us to talk about next! Tweet us @TheDGCast with your ideas. Thanks again to Brian (@BlanketsWilson) for stopping by to chat with us. Also thanks to @StrideNSaunter for the topic suggestion!

Shoutouts: @Attack – Andrew really enjoys Kevin’s podcast, The Pointless Podcast, so you should probably check it out. 

Thanks for listening, we’re glad you stopped by,

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