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Ep 102 – Catching Up, Corona, TLoU 2

Episode 102. May 3rd, 2020.
*Editor’s Note: There were some audio issues with Andrew’s recording and so he sometimes sounds like a robot and the volume isn’t balanced well. We’re hoping this is a one-off with the recording and that future episodes won’t end up like this.

We reconvene after a whole ordeal of things. Who knew that Coronavirus would end up causing a delay in podcast, more because of scheduling and job situations. Such is life. That said, Mike, CJ and Andrew get together and chat about what is a big topic to all of them, The Last of Us 2.

If you didn’t already know, TLoU 2 was supposed to be playable at PAX East 2020, and Sony pulled out at the last minute due to coronavirus concerns. PAX East went off without a hitch, but as things got worse, more conventions and events were delayed, TLoU 2 was also delayed from it’s original release date.

Fast forward and hackers release alleged footage of the game, leaks (we aren’t posting links because none of us wanted to review or see the leaks and we’d rather you didn’t spoil it either) and other information arises about it. Then, Sony in an interesting move (or I suppose it was Naughty Dog who likely made the decision) announces an official release date, of June 19th, 2020. It was originally May and then got pushed back to an undetermined date.

We talk about theories and the whole situation, given that coronavirus has disrupted so much of our daily lives. It’s a bummer that such an anticipated game gets leaked or hacked and put out into the wild, but this is the current world we are living in.

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As always, we will catch you on the flip.

Mike, CJ, and Andrew