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New DLC Content for Killing Floor 2


Co-op sci-fi horror/first person shooter game Killing Floor 2 gets it’s newest content update this past Friday. The content pack titled Revenge of the Zeds includes the long awaited Versus Survival PvP (player versus player) game mode which allows players to control the deadly Zeds, something previously unavailable. 

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There are over 10 dangerous Zed characters to choose form, including the Clots, Fleshpound, Stalker, Siren, and also The Patriarch. With each Zed comes it’s own ability, and they are out for human blood so be careful! Also new to the content pack is a new map, the fortified abandoned Prison. Whether you go with human or Zed, you must use every ounce of skill you have to escape the darkness of the prison and defeat your enemies. Two new weapons (lever action rifle and crossbow) will become invaluable tools, which are also included in the Revenge of the Zeds content pack as Offperk weapons. 


The Revenge of the Zeds content pack is available now for PC/Steam players. Don’t have Killing Floor 2? Check out the steam page here. (At the time of the posting the game was on sale for 33% off the normal price!)

Source: Tripwire Interactive

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)