Ep 65 – Special Guest: Nickodemus_X

Episode 65. April 10th, 2016. Mike and Andrew are joined by special guest Nickodemus_X. Nick and Andrew met at PSX and are both indie game connoisseurs. We start off talking about an ongoing thing in the gaming industry, focusing on a PR rep for Nintendo who was recently terminated, amid an ongoing harassment/smear campaign against her. We also talk about gaming culture, and console wars, as well as indie games stacked against AAA games. A great discussion all the way around.

GameZone link for Nintendo PR issue. http://www.gamezone.com/news/it-seems-former-nintendo-pr-employee-alison-rapp-was-a-prostitute-3435712

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As always, we hope you enjoyed the podcast and let us know if there are topics or things you’d like to hear us talk about. 


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