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Ep 13 – Andrew Calls it Ep 12, The Order Discussion, Pre-PAX Talk and more!

Episode 13. February 21, 2015. Andrew starts it off by calling it Episode 12 and has NO idea that it’s actually episode 13 until after the podcast was recorded. Anyways, we start off talking about The Order: 1886 and all the controversy around it regarding game length, cutscenes, etc. After that we sidebar a little, well, Andrew sidebars a little, but we get back on track talking about what they’ve been up to playing games on various consoles. Because PAX East is coming up, we end up having a discussion about PAX and Andrew’s experiences about PAX and why he loves it so much as a person who wants to work in the industry.

Shoutouts: @acdramon – Avery is a friend of ours who does cosplay, graphic design, and also is a pretty big deal in the LBP community with his awesome custom levels. Avery’s Youtube.

@RAD_Studios – Ready At Dawn is the developer of The Order: 1886.

@GameOverGreggy – Greg Miller, a man who needs no introductions. He’s kinda funny, really tall. Thanks for being rad dude.

Thanks again for checking out the podcast, we’re glad we’re seeing positive things happening here and that people are enjoying it. You’re all awesome.

-Mike and Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast