Ep 96 Interview: Brian Wilson (Where The Bees Make Honey)

Episode 96. December 12th, 2018. Interview with Brian Wilson, creator of the game Where the Bees Make Honey. Apologies as this podcast was recorded earlier this month but the holidays and work/life balance prevented me from posting this sooner.

Brian and I used to write together for Radio Playstation, a Playstation focused twitch show and review site. We catch up on old times but also talk about what Brian’s been working on, his latest game, Where the Bees Make Honey. You can check out more about it here: https://whitethorndigital.com/wtbmh/ , and the kickstarter page

Brian brings us through the timeline of development, including the process of going through school and learning how to make a game, after realizing that he wanted to pursue his dream. It’s a really awesome interview and while it does go a little long (around 1:30min) for a typical interview, I think we cover a lot of interesting stuff and I had a really great time hearing about the way this game came to be. 

I really hope you all enjoy this episode, and if you have questions for Brian, or just want to keep up with all things Where the Bees Make Honey, follow Brian’s twitter, the game’s twitter page, and Whitethorn Digital’s twitter as well!

Thanks again for listening,
Andrew & Mike, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast