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Fission Superstar X to Launch this Spring!

Fission Superstar X, a space themed rogue-lite will be launching this Spring on Xbox One and Windows PC. While Turbo Pelvis 3000 inc. had originally planned to launch the game in January, they’ve given the developer additional time to provide more polish for the players.

FSX (what I’m calling it for short now) takes a more playful version of the solar system, and makes you fight your way through all kinds of enemies, as well as some neat boss battles. Additionally, there are 20 different environments to play through, and with over 70 different enemies there is sure to be a lot of action.

There are nine ships you can unlock, 100 different crew members you can recruit along the way, and 64 different weapons to use. You’ll need to mix up your weapon systems for fighting ranged and up-close enemies, as well as evade attacks and defend yourself with your shield.

Managing your ship is an equally challenging task, as you have to decide what takes priority. Do you repair your damaged ship, heal your crew members, upgrade stats, or throw it all into your weapon systems and go for broke?

That said, the game looks fun and you should check out the trailer below:

For more information about Fission Superstar X, check out Turbo Pelvis 3000’s Twitter | Facebook | Website

Source: The Indie Bros
Written by: Andrew (@Soafterisaid)
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