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Ep 32 – Discussion: Holiday Console War Predictions

Episode 32. August 3rd, 2015. Mike and Andrew take a question from our buddy Icydude, also known as KB, also known as Kevin, also yeah. You get the idea. Anyways, the question at hand was what the landscape of the holiday season will look like between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Who wins? Who sells the most consoles, how does the Hardware sell without big titles dropping around this time (cue PlayStation woes from the delayed games of 2015)? We sit and chat about it and talk out theories and predictions. Ultimately, if the PS4 keeps selling the way it has been, the answer is in the pudding, or that phrase people use.

Shoutouts @KevinBahar – A good friend of ours who suggested the question. He’s big into gaming so if you want give him a follow. He’s DG Approved. 

Thanks again for listening and we will be having a few special guests in the coming weeks, plus excitement with Kansas City Comic-Con and Pax Prime as they get nearer each day.

Your pals,

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