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Ep 9 – PS Now, H1Z1 Payment Issues, and Some Retro Talk

January 17th, 2015. Episode 9. Mike and I chat about the new PS Now price structure and what we like and don’t like about it. We also chat about H1Z1, Sony’s newest Day-Z like zombie game and the issues with early access launch and the unexpected pay-to-win style microtransactions. We end up talking a bit of retro stuff from the PS Now discussion and also end up pitching a game idea to Capcom for a new Resident Evil.

Also this is the Forbes article on H1Z1 I was referring to in the podcast.


Mystic Apollo – Apollo is a good friend of Andrew’s and he’s a fellow livestreamer and game enthusiast. Be sure to follow him on twitter to get notifications when he starts streaming. (Twitch)

Community Casters Live – CCL is the group that Apollo also casts with, and they’re pretty cool people. They talk gaming and regularly host streams through the week (gaming and podcasts) so be sure to check them out. (Twitch)

Capcom – Responsible for LOTS of games, but specifically Resident Evil, they’re getting a shoutout in hopes that maybe they check out our ideas for an online RE game.

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-Mike and Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast