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Spacejacked Set for Arrival February 26th

Spacejacked looks really cool. Think tower defense but you’re Dave, the space-technician who has to keep saving his colleagues from aliens who keep abducting them. Like, hi-jacked, but in space. So Spacejacked. Using your wits you’ll build defenses and take out aliens to keep that from happening, all while jamming out to chiptunes. It has a Story Mode, and Challenge Mode, upgrades from just the Endless Mode which won Intel’s Level Up 2015 Game Demo Contest.

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Teleport between multiple areas and defend your space-colleagues against these aliens with your space-gun, space-lasers, space-turrets, and all sorts of space-stuff. (I just like using space with hyphens because SPAAACCEEEEEEE). Ahem. So you’ll build up an arsenal of sweet tools to use against the aliens and because you’re defending multiple rooms at once, it’s not your typical “tower defense” game. It requires far more running around and planning to rescue your co-workers. And the pixel art style is top notch, so it’s already a winner in my book.

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Spacejacked will launch Steam for the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms on February 26th. The game will cost $9.99, with a 10% discount ($8.99) for the first week only.

Check out the steam page for Spacejacked

Rotten Mage (Developer Website)

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-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)