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Rogue Stormers Releasing March 24th

Run’n’gun games mixed with roguelikes are usually awesome. This one, Rogue Stormers, is REALLY awesome. How awesome? So awesome that the original name DieselStormers had to change because Diesel Clothing pushed a legal argument against the name (we read the article and it makes no sense to us either). So if you like games like Contra (and before you answer that, you do) and Metal Slug, this game is right up your alley.

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Big guns, powerups, awesome characters with cool special attacks, and procedurally generated missions. You won’t get bored because the levels will always be different, and there are five biomes to rip to shreds. The game releases March 24th on Steam and has a single player mode, as well as up to 4 player local AND ONLINE play (thank you!). Rogue Stormers will be available on Steam for Windows (sorry Mac/Linux users) and cost you $19.99, with a 2-pack for $29.99 and a 4-pack for $49.99. Be a rad friend and get yourself and your buddies a copy. 

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Check out the Steam page for Rogue Stormers!

Black Forest Games (Developer Website)

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