PAX Preview: Antigraviator

Another fun racing game I got to check out while at PAX East was Antigraviator. It’s a really fun racing game where speed and agility are a must. You’re able to accelerate infinitely, so you can wind up going around insane curves and what you think is break neck speeds only to keep going faster. Now try and control that ship while you’re racing against friends and enemies. 

Your vehicle is called a Grav, and you can outfit it as you see fit, but as with most racing games, you can’t have a “perfect” vehicle. If you want more boost capacity, you’re going to need to sacrifice on handling or acceleration. Since you can infinitely accelerate, you’ll always keep going faster, it’s just how important to you is having acceleration be the strongest characteristic of your vehicle over something like boost capacity or handling. I chose a fairly balanced vehicle and wasn’t too badly beaten by the developer at the booth when I played. (To be fair, he’s probably played it 100 times more than I had.)

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I played several different tracks and they have a diverse track pattern that features jumps, loops, and sharp turns. There are also boost attacks you can do to try and gain an edge on your opponents by priming traps and trapping them. There are also boosters you can collect along the track and give yourself a way out of attacks if you manage to time it right. Barrel rolls are an agility move you can use to both evade certain traps but also give yourself enough distance to avoid slamming into the wall as you make your way around the lap so you don’t have to lose that precious speed you’ve been gaining the entire map.

The teaser trailer above gives you an idea of the gameplay, but it’s a really complex mechanic rolled into a simple amount of gameplay that makes it really fun. You’ve got to keep speeding and avoiding walls because every bit of speed you lose is speed you’ll need to get back, and since there is no top speed you end up playing infinite catch up against your other racers until they make a mistake. The game played really well and visually was impressive given that everything is moving so fast. Definitely was a fun time racing and trying to maintain control without giving up on the speed because it’s so important to just keep pushing the limits! 

Antigraviator is currently on Steam for wishlisting, and will be available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4 as well when it releases. It’s currently slated for a Q2 release in 2018 so be looking for more release information soon.

To keep up with Antigraviator, check out the game’s website, Twitter, and YouTube pages. Also keep an eye on Iceberg Interactive, the publisher behind the game as well. For more information about the developer Cybernetic Walrus, check out their website here.

Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)