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PAX Preview: Headsnatchers

A really fun game that’s perfect for parties and is rolling out soon is Headsnatchers. I got the chance to play this at PAX East and I can already see this game being a great couch game with friends like Mario Party and Gang Beasts.

Headsnatchers is a small arena battle game in which the goal is to snatch your opponent’s head off, and then use the head to eliminate them. Depending on the game mode there are various ways you can do this. On the ship level, you put their head into a cannon and launch it out to the open sea. The basketball level requires you to dunk or get a basket with their head, and so on and so forth.

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For the battle mode You’re on small maps and it’s about eliminating the other players, but there are weapons you can use to help you out, and each level has some sort of environmental variable to help you (or hurt you) as well. The fun thing is that it’s not just lose your head and lose the game, so don’t lose your head (pun!) if you’re not doing well. While you’re headless you still have the opportunity to strike the person who took your head and get your head back, or if you’re lucky you can get your head back on before they pick it up. You could even be more risky and try taking someone else out before you get eliminated if you’re in a team match to help for the win. Once your head is gone from the map, you’re out for the match. So if there’s a weapon you can pick up while headless in an attempt to get your head back, might be worth going for it instead of making a mad dash for the person who’s snatched your head. 

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In addition to the multiplayer mode against friends, you can play both local and online with up to 4 people. Don’t have 4 friends nearby? Use AI to practice, or play the single player zombie mode and get your skills top tier before having to go against randoms in online lobbies. There are over 25 unique levels to choose from, and four game modes to play. Since the name of the game is HEADsnatchers, your head becomes your identity. Choose from over 100 in-game heads, or take the time to make your own with the head creator. Once you’ve created a head, you can choose that across all game modes to truly personalize your experience with it.

I played a few matches while at PAX and it’s a ton of fun in the “couch experience” because you’re trash talking one second and then begging for mercy the next. Each map brings a new dynamic to the gameplay because what might work on one level is not going to be the best approach on another. Plus add in weapons and power-attacks and you’ve got a really fun evening with friends. 

Headsnatchers is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 Spring 2018 and it’s definitely one to keep an eye out for if you’re a fan of party games. Follow Headsnatchers on Steam for updates, and check out the Publisher website at Iceberg Interactive for extra info as well. If you’re more of a social media fan, stay up to date with Headsnatchers on twitter!


Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)