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Zombie Hunter, Inc. Now on Steam Early Access

Zombie Hunter, Inc. is now available via Steam Early Access. The release covers the multiplayer “Survival” mode, which has a slightly different take on your wave based shooter. Instead of the more progressive styled leveling up systems, Zombie Hunter, Inc. allows players to choose their loadout from the beginning of each round, changing up the dynamic of the game. You can’t equip the weapons until you earn enough from zombies (you get $ for kills) to buy them. This is where communication with friends will be key; some enemies require specific weapon types to defeat them, so you can’t all just run shotguns and think you’ll be able to get very far. 

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The Single player mode (which is in development), the player is a new zombie hunter for hire who rescues survivors for money. The different survivors you encounter will affect the storyline of the game, so it’s in your best interest to try and save as many as possible to help either locate special gear, or skills that may be acquired by safely bringing these people back to base. There is only a small portion of campaign mode in the current Early Access build, so if you’re hoping for more you may need to wait a bit.

For now, the multiplayer survival mode is the main focus of this Early Access build that is out, and it’s available for $9.99 via Steam. As always, these developers rely a lot on your input and suggestions, so if you’re at all excited about splattering zombies with up to four friends, be sure to grab this one and let the devs know what you think in the Early Access forums. 

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-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)