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Expeditions: Vikings Release Date Announcement

Logic Artists, the studio behind the Expeditions series is announcing the release date of their newest title, Expeditions: Viking. The game’s scheduled release date has been set for April 27th, 2017.

Expeditions: Conquistador was Logic Artists’ debut PC title, and after its success they decided to start working on a sequel. Expeditions: Viking is that sequel, and fans of branching dialogue choices and consequence/choice driven RPGs will love it. 

Expeditions: Viking has a complex system for dialogue choices, which branches in a multitude of ways. Players react to your choices, and the storyline is heavily driven by decisions you make, with a high risk/reward payoff. Logic Artists initially estimated a word count of 200,000 but then increased it by nearly another 100,000 to give players even more content and choices for how they wish to progress through the game. That estimation of word count was given by the producer of the game, Ali Emek.

In addition to a great choice/progression system, the game is also localized in a variety of countries, to make it more accessible to more players. On day one, Expeditions: Viking will be playable in English, French, German, Polish, and Russian. This added to the development time the game took, but will be well worth the wait for players who might otherwise have missed the opportunity to enjoy it.

The game features a very in-depth combat system, which features new special abilities on some of the villains, and spices up the overall gameplay for the end-user. Your cast of characters will each have their own pros and cons in battle, be it long/short range attacks, accuracy, and skill. Remember that is IS a game about Vikings, so be prepared to drink a lot of mead, plunder a lot of treasure, and battle a lot. 

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I had the opportunity to check out the game at PAX East last year, and really enjoyed it. It offers a lot of options for player types, so if you’re more of a secretive and elusive player, you can (within reason) avoid major conflict at times. If you’re the type that runs in guns (or axes and swords) blazing, well you can do that too. Every play time has it’s pros and cons, and the dialogue system allows you to set your fate as you wish. Each action has a reaction, and the consequences can cost you dearly if you mis-step.

For more information on Expeditions: Viking, check out the Logic Artists’ website here.

Source: Logic Artists

Written by: Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)