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Corgi Warlock Gets An Update

Corgi Warlock is a 1-4 side scrolling action game that puts you in control of Maia the Corgi. She’s the most powerful warlock around and its up to her and her friends to defeat the evil Bunny King. The game recently got a holiday update that improved textures and overall graphics, as well as adjusting the controls on keyboard to be more responsive. Also included was a variety of bug fixes, gameplay fixes, etc.

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Maia and her pals Prophet Pig-J, The Magic Pug, and Fish Mage need your help to defeat the Bunny King after he put the kingdom at risk by making an evil pact. You’ll have to fight your way through 70-ish adorable animal enemies (though some have pitchforks, which isn’t adorable) to stop the king.

Interesting note about this game, it’s made by Xander’s Corgi Arcade, a one man indie who was also a former Pixar animator. Maia the Corgi is actually based off his actual pup, which has her own facebook page

Corgi Warlock is (at the time of this post) currently 50% off on steam, so you may want to spend some of that holiday money on it if you haven’t already. See the footage below for an idea of what the gameplay looks like. 

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Source: VGSmart
-Written by: Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)