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Ep 50 – Game of The Year Discussion

Episode 50. December 21st, 2015. Mike and Andrew record the last podcast of the year, discussing game of the year choices. Remember, these are based on games we played, and we didn’t play all the newest, greatest, bestest, AAA titles that came out this year cause we’re not made of money, nor interested in every single game that came out. So just keep that in mind.

Apologies for this episode as Andrew kind of rambles (moreso than usual) through the episode, so we cut and edited out white space more than usual.

Shoutouts: YOU (the listeners)

As such, this was out 50th episode and we were hoping to do something amazing, but for what it’s worth, it’s amazing that people are listening to the episodes here on the website, itunes and on YouTube as well. We truly appreciate you all checking us out, and the support that you’ve given us as we build this up since we started last November. It’s been a wild ride and we’re always trying to make things better, so always know that you can give us feedback, suggestions and criticism on any of our social media platforms. @TheDGCast on twitter, our YouTube, or the comments below this post. 

Thanks everyone, here’s to another disconnected year,

Mike and Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast