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Lovely Planet Coming to Xbox One in January

Lovely Planet, the lovely little speedrunning shooter from TinyBuild is coming to Xbox One on January 8th. You can pre-order (Note: Yes, that’s the GB store not the Xbox US store, trust me I don’t know why it would not re-direct to the US store even after manually changing the web address in browser) it now if you’d like! 

lovely planet, indie games, tinybuild, fps, steam shooter, speedrun shooter,

Or if you haven’t already, you can grab Lovely Planet on Steam and you don’t have to wait at all. The game is colorful, has really fun music, and makes you smile while you speedrun-no-scope-back flip-1080 shoot things and cruise through the levels. It’s on sale on Steam for $2.99 (note: Until Jan 4th, 2016) so maybe you go check it out and also pre-order on Xbox One too. yeah? Watch the gameplay trailer below. You can also listen to the entire OST on YouTube as well.  

Anyways, I just thought I’d let you know that another fun game is coming to the Xbox One and you should probably check it out because it’s a nice break from all the heavy action space-war-future-past-shooter games and such. Again, January 8th, Xbox One. Lovely Planet. 

Lovely Planet on Steam

Source: TinyBuild

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)