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Ep 44 – What Game Series Affected Our Lives

Episode 44. November 8th, 2015. Mike brings a great topic to the table, in which we discuss what game(s) or game series have affected our lives, or mean the most to us. Apologies as we spend the first half of the podcast catching up on gaming and streaming stuff, but the topic is worthwhile and […]

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Ep 43 – Game Sales & How Do They Make Money?

Episode 43. November 1st, 2015. Mike and Andrew talk game sales this week, focusing on how yearly sales or total sales across platforms on games affects developers. Focusing on MGS V & Konami, GTA V, Minecraft, Driveclub, and a few other titles along the way, we discuss the copies sold vs. estimated cost to make […]

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Ep 42 – Yearly Game Releases & a New, More Powerful PS4?

Episode 42. October 25th, 2015. Mike and Andrew bring two good topics to the table for a lengthy discussion. Mike’s curious about the pitfalls of yearly releases, specifically focusing on Ubisoft and the Assassin’s Creed series. Does yearly releases of games benefit them more than it hurts them? We compare it to the CoD series […]

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Ep 41 – Games, games, and more g…rambling

Episode 41. October 18th, 2015. Mike and Andrew reconvene after a week off, cause sometimes you just need a break. We chat about games we’ve been playing and Andrew’s been playing a bunch of different things. A few reviews on the way but life makes things complicated all the time and that’s unfortunate. It’s a […]

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Ep 40 – Catchin’ Up & Playing Games

Episode 40. October 4th, 2015. Mike and Andrew catch up on work related tales (btw we start with real life stuff and talk gaming at the end) and how sometimes people are unreasonable. We talk a bunch about gaming, but as usual we revolve around Destiny and how the Taken King has changed the way […]

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Ep 39 – Realtalk: Nerd Culture and Being a Decent Person

Episode 39. September 27th, 2015. Nerd Culture has made major headway in the last decade, but still gets a bad rap. Recently a friend made a joke that just didn’t sit well with Andrew, regarding “nerd” culture. Why do we find the need to criticize the nerd/geek because they like Marvel, Pokemon, Mario, or any […]

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Ep 38 – The Taken King is Out & Our Impressions

Episode 38. September 20th, 2015. Mike and Andrew discuss Bungie’s The Taken King expansion for the popular Destiny game. Well, we think it’s Popular. We enjoy the new expansion. Deal with it. For real though we talk about the different changes and how the amount of depth to the content that has been added is […]

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Ep 37 – Until Dawn Spoilercast w/Steimer!

NOTE: WE SPOIL UNTIL DAWN IN THIS PODCAST. Also there are a few bits of audio that got static/echo for unknown reasons, so I tried to lower the volume at those parts to not hurt your ears. Episode 37. September 12th, 2015. Special guest and friend of the show Kristine Steimer from Steimer Says joined […]

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Ep 36 – Pax Prime Recap (Part 2 of 2)

Episode 36. Part 2. September 7th, 2015. Andrew chats with Mike about his Pax Prime experience, and basically gives you the run down on all the games and things he saw. In (to the best of his ability) the order things were discussed: ID@Xbox Event > Razer Booth (PC Gear) > Riptide GP: Renegade > […]

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Ep 36 – Pax Prime Recap (Part 1 of 2)

Episode 36. September 7th, 2015. Andrew chats with Mike about his Pax Prime experience, and basically gives you the run down on all the games and things he saw. In (to the best of his ability) the order things were discussed: ID@Xbox Event > Razer Booth (PC Gear) > Riptide GP: Renegade > POLLEN (Oculus […]

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Ep 35 – Taken King, F2P Games, and Pax Stuff!

Episode 35. August 23rd, 2015. Mike and Andrew talk about a bunch of stuff today, including Cliffy B’s newly launched “The Shattering” website for Project Bluestreak that has a countdown timer to a reveal on Wednesday. Destiny creeps in with The Taken King (also known as the Tooken King) where we discuss some of the […]

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Ep 34 – Kansas City Comic-Con Recap + Convention Talk

Episode 34. August 16th, 2015. Mike is back from Kansas City Comic Con so he tells us all about his adventures with Ultra Girls Cosplay. Mike chats about having a booth and meeting some voice actors. Good times were had. Andrew and Mike then talk about other upcoming cons like the recent Destiny Con get […]

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Ep 33 – Convention Discussions (KCCC and PAX)

Episode 33. August 5th, 2015. Mike and Andrew pre-recorded this episode because Mike is (probably) still getting back home from Kansas City Comic-Con. This week’s discussion revolves around conventions, specifically Mike being at KCCC and Andrew being at Pax Prime at the end of the month. Andrew will be a panelist at Pax Prime and […]

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Ep 32 – Discussion: Holiday Console War Predictions

Episode 32. August 3rd, 2015. Mike and Andrew take a question from our buddy Icydude, also known as KB, also known as Kevin, also yeah. You get the idea. Anyways, the question at hand was what the landscape of the holiday season will look like between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Who wins? Who sells […]

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Ep 31 – Modern Retro Remakes and other Retro Discussion!

Episode 31. July 26th, 2015. Mike and Andrew are joined by their pal Brian (@BlanketsWilson) to talk games. A suggested twitter question from our twitter sparked the discussion this week.  So from this tweet, we discuss the idea of what games would be retro-ized or how that would work. It’s a surprisingly complex discussion because […]

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Ep 30 – General Ramblings! (aka Unprepared Podcast)

Episode 30. July 19th, 2015. It’s Mike’s Birthday! Andrew has no clue what he’s doing this week so while we start off with some gaming topics, we quickly and steadfastly veer off course and de-rail. We talk gaming stuff but Andrew rambles far too much this week. Topics that come up are Jamie Lee Curtis […]

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Ep 29 – Rocket League, SDCC, Batman and more!

Episode 29. July 12th, 2015. Mike and Andrew talk about Rocket League, the PS4 Successor to Super Powered Rocket Powered Acrobatic Super Cars…or, well, you know what we’re talking about. Psyonix Studios Rocket League released FREE on PS Plus this month ($19.99 on Steam) and it’s awesome! Well, save for the initial server issues the […]

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Ep 28 – General Discussion! Gaming, Pizza, and more!

Episode 28. July 9th, 2015. Mike and Andrew Record a mid-week podcast about nothing. Literally. We just chat and catch up on gaming and end up talkin’ bout pizza. We thought we’d do a more informal podcast mid-week to catch you up on what we’ve been doing. We missed the week prior to ep 27 […]

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Ep 27 – Arkham Knight Issues on PC, Porting, etc.

Episode 27. July 5th, 2015. Mike and Andrew talk Batman: Arkham Knight and the PC issues with that particular version of the game. The troubled PC Port of Arkham Knight led to it being pulled from stores and Steam, which leads to a bigger question: Why are these games being released in such poor states? […]

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Ep 26 – Post-E3 Discussions; Conference Wins and more!

Episode 26. June 21st, 2015. Mike and Andrew re-cap their E3 experiences (not attending of course) and what they loved about the show. Press conferences from Bethesda, Xbox (Microsoft), Sony, Ubisoft and EA all brought up. We talk Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, Doom, and how ultimately it’s the gamers who win this year […]