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Ep 30 – General Ramblings! (aka Unprepared Podcast)

Episode 30. July 19th, 2015. It’s Mike’s Birthday! Andrew has no clue what he’s doing this week so while we start off with some gaming topics, we quickly and steadfastly veer off course and de-rail. We talk gaming stuff but Andrew rambles far too much this week. Topics that come up are Jamie Lee Curtis being at EVO, Satoru Iwata’s death, Why people still buy into CoD games, and JONNNNNN CEEEENNNNAAAAAA.

Our apologies.

Shoutouts: @johncena – JOHNNNN CEEENNNAAAAAAAAA. Because why not?

Again, feel free to tweet us suggestions, advice, tell Andrew to shut up, etc. Or leave a comment below. We love hearing from you all and we are psyched that people are still listening after 30 episodes.


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