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Ep 29 – Rocket League, SDCC, Batman and more!

Episode 29. July 12th, 2015. Mike and Andrew talk about Rocket League, the PS4 Successor to Super Powered Rocket Powered Acrobatic Super Cars…or, well, you know what we’re talking about. Psyonix Studios Rocket League released FREE on PS Plus this month ($19.99 on Steam) and it’s awesome! Well, save for the initial server issues the game had. We also talk about San Diego Comic Con and how sadly we weren’t there, and then some announcements (specifically the Batman v Superman stuff). We round it out with Horror Movies and Television shows, and general banter as per the norm.

We’re trying to keep the podcasts shorter (under an hour if we can) so let us know how you like it, and again feel free to suggest topics @TheDGCast or via the comments below.

Shoutouts: @RocketLeague / @PsyonixStudios – The twitter accounts for Rocket League or Psyonix Studios direct twitter (developers of Rocket League)

@GroovyBruce – Bruce Campbell, the man the myth, the mother fucking legend.

Thanks for sticking with us for 29 episodes so far. We hope to bring you 29 more and we’re hoping to keep things interesting over the next few weeks.

-Mike & Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast