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Ep 35 – Taken King, F2P Games, and Pax Stuff!

Episode 35. August 23rd, 2015. Mike and Andrew talk about a bunch of stuff today, including Cliffy B’s newly launched “The Shattering” website for Project Bluestreak that has a countdown timer to a reveal on Wednesday. Destiny creeps in with The Taken King (also known as the Tooken King) where we discuss some of the finer points about weapon upgrades and Year Two content. We also talk about Nickelback. Deal with it. *throws shades on*

Forbes Article on TTK | Polygon Article on TTK | Crysis F2P Article

Shoutouts: Mega Mike – One of Mike’s friends who does entertainment stuff in the cosplay/gaming realm. Check out his facebook page!

Ready Up Live – A very cool gaming community that Andrew will be hanging out with during PAX!

JF! – Great friend of Andrew and Mike, and the guys over at RadioPlayStation. Super Fan Extraordinaire!

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Thanks everyone!

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