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Ep 15 – Mike & Andrew Get Caught Up

Episode 15. March 29th, 2015. Andrew and Mike haven’t had a whole lot of time to stay consistant with the podcast, unfortunately real life stuff has gotten in the way. Beginning of the month Andrew had PAX East, then Mike was at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, so they both were out and about doing stuff. This episode is laid back, not really focused on any one topic but towards the end Andrew and Mike discuss developer inclusion/exclusion of gender roles in video games. Andrew apologizes in advance.


@Naughty_Dog – Naughty Dog has in many ways helped give people a voice in games where they might not have had them. The Last of Us, the Left Behind DLC are two prime examples of ND’s dedication to their fans.

@Cerajoy – Sarah, a good friend of the DG Cast, is a great person and does a variety of things within the gaming industry including writing for The Mary Sue, running her own site The Geekmates, and also hosting a tech show called TechUp. She’s awesome. Sarah, keep being you!

Thanks again for sticking with us, we appreciate all the views and listens/plays we get as we keep venturing forward into this project. We’re excited to start bringing content to YouTube once we get that all set up, as well as twitch streams on our new channel. Feel free to tweet us and let us know what you think or if theres things you want to hear us talk about.

-Mike & Andrew, The DG Cast