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Ep 91 – PAX South 2018 Episode

Episode 91. January 12th, 2018. This is our PAX South episode, and also the first time Mike and I have ever recorded in the same room.

Heads up on the audio: Because we used a different setup for recording on the fly, the audio is totally unbalanced (Andrew is less quiet than Mike but we’re both hard to hear) so we tried to boost the volume but you may have to raise it to hear us both through the podcast. There are friendly reminders at the beginning and end of the podcast to let you know to adjust your volume before you potentially get blasted with whatever the next podcast on your list is!

We talk about PAX South and what we saw, enjoyed, etc. It’s a good time.

Thanks for tuning in, and remember any questions, comments, concerns can be sent to us in twitter form @thedgcast or Andrew @SoAfterISaid or Mike @mtong1 (but don’t follow him though).


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