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PAX South 2018: Sleep Tight

Another fun game out of PAX South 2018 was Sleep Tight, by We Are Fuzzy. They’re an indie team comprised of veterans from both the gaming and video industry, which makes for a really good combination of visual and gameplay.

Visually the game has a cartoon-esque feel, but not to the point where it doesn’t carry its own weight as a game for everyone. What I mean by that is, at no point did I ever look at this game and say “it’s not being made for me.” This game caters to all ages, because it’s not violent or graphic, but provides an increasing level of urgency as you survive wave after wave of enemies each night.

sleep tight game, twin stick shooter, we are fuzzy indie, indiedev

As you dispatch enemies, you’ll collect stars to use at the end of each wave to upgrade defenses, buy more powerful weapons/ammo, and build barricades to protect yourself from the next onslaught. The only issue I had here is that the game doesn’t explain to you (or perhaps I couldn’t find the right button combination) is that you have to use all available stars before the next wave will start. So on my first round completion I upgraded a few things and decided I’d hold onto the stars to buy better stuff the next round once I’d saved up more. It looks like (though I wasn’t able to confirm at the booth) this isn’t the case, and you need to make sure you’re planning out your upgrades and defenses knowing you might not have enough to get that sweet weapon you want in the next round, so may be a better play to just buy it now while you can.

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As far as gameplay goes, the pace is pretty fast and it can get intense trying to avoid enemies, keep moving, and shoot at them. It’s twin-stick controls so you’ll get really good at testing your reflexes and also hand eye coordination. The few levels I played showed a steady increase in enemies and I found myself unable to remain in the same place for very long after a few rounds, showing me that I probably needed to invest more stars into building up some defenses or turrets.

All in all, it’s a really fun game that I enjoyed getting some hands on time with, and especially that it was playable on the Nintendo Switch. The more I play these types of indie games, the more I feel that the Nintendo Switch tends to be the best experience (for me, at least) around. 

The game releases sometime in 2018 (listed as “Coming Out of The Shadows, 2018” on the developer’s website) and will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. For more information please check out the developer’s website, twitter, and Steam pages to make sure you get this added to your Wish List!

We Are Fuzzy | Twitter | Steam Page

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-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)