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PAX South 2018: Last Encounter

The latest game from Exordium Games is called Last Encounter, a twin-stick roguelike shooter that takes you and up to 4 players on a trip across the galaxy to build the most powerful weapon in existence. Your ships are customizable and can be modified with weapon components found along the way to make some seriously powerful guns. 

The goal of the game is to explore each sector of the galaxy, collect keys, money, and weapon components to build out your arsenal to take on ALL the aliens. Seriously, theres tons of smaller enemies plus some pretty heavy bosses and mini-bosses. While traversing different biomes and dispatching enemies, you’ll collect the parts necessary to temporarily upgrade your weapon systems, and over time build an arsenal you and your friends can use to take back the galaxy.

last encounter game, twin stick shooter, roguelike game, 4 player co-op, multiplayer shooter, indie dev,

As you start out each run, you choose from a cast of characters which have different attributes like increased shields or stronger weapons, faster health regeneration, etc. The way you pair those abilities with different weapon component sets will be the difference between success or failure. In addition to the weapon customization, the game is procedurally generated which gives you a constant replayability. We were able to demo this at PAX South with a group of 4 and flew through a few of the levels. It was really intense combat, theres a lot of things happening on the screen at once, but it’s a fun level of chaos. 

last encounter, exordium games, twin stick shooter, roguelike game, action twin stick shooter, space video game, steam,

The game is definitely one to keep an eye on if you’re in the mood for a fast paced twin stick shooter to play with your friends, or by yourself. Already played a bunch and have a few friends over and want them to jump in and help? No problem! The game will scale up the intensity the more players you have, and won’t punish you for bringing in your friends into the fold mid-way through your progress. 

The game is expected to launch Q2 2018, and will be coming to the following consoles: Steam(PC), Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

For more information about Last Encounter, please check out Exordium Games website | twitter | steam (add it to your wishlist!)

Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)