PAX West Preview: Potions: A Curious Tale

Potions: A Curious Tale is a lovely RPG being made by Stumbling Cat. I saw it at PAX Prime in 2015 and again this year at PAX West (which will always be Prime to me). It’s awesome to see how much things have changed and how far along the game is in just a short amount of time.

To fill you in, Potions is about a girl named Luna who uses potions to traverse the dangerous world she lives in. The name of the game isn’t strictly battling enemies though. In fact, some of the time you want to coordinate your usage of potions, since you cannot craft when you are out in the environments. Sometimes enemies aren’t hurt by potions and you need to use the surrounding elements to damage them (i.e. pushing an enemy into an object to destroy both of them).

It’s a really crafty (that’s a pun) way to challenge normal gameplay mechanics and also helps to reinforce the necessity to be smart about decisions you make alongside potion crafting. Since you can’t craft potions on the fly, you need to “pack out” a good selection of items and keep in mind you can only carry so much (or potentially craft a limited amount based on your inventory) to work with. It adds another dimension to the game as many RPG style games allow you to stockpile crazy amounts of gear, or simply create additional supplies or collect them from enemies as you dispatch them.

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In short, I’m excited to see the finished version because of Renee and her team as they’ve worked on this game, and just knowing the process behind making your dream game a reality. We had Renee on the podcast in April talking about the game before it’s successful Kickstarter and it was awesome to hear first-hand about everything that goes into making a game, especially one that started as a one-woman project. 

If you’re interested, check out the website and subscribe to their mailing list to keep tabs on the game’s progress. Also if you’re interested in the podcast Renee joined us for, here’s the website version & YouTube version

Source: Stumbling Cat

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)