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Ep 11 – Mike got a Wii U, Dying Light, and Andrew (unexpectedly!) rants about snow

February 4th, 2015. Episode 11. Mike got a Wii U and they discuss how cool it is, plus the digital space concerns being that it’s a 32GB. They also talk about TechLand’s Dying Light, which turns out is a lot of fun. Then Andrew de-rails the conversation and talks about snow, being cold, trains, and some other in real life (IRL) stuff. I swear we keep it on track for the first half of the podcast, but hey, we keep it real here and talk about gaming AND life. Feel free to tweet us and suggest things we should check out cause now we can cover all next-gen platforms for gaming stuff. Or we’ll gladly test/review tech products if you’ve got something you’d like us to look at.

Shoutouts: TVBeBop – Mike’s buddy who is starting up a livestreaming/twitch channel.

Ultra Girls Cosplay – More friends of Mike who do cosplay, check out their facebook!

@Siefe – Livestreamer who plays a lot of FPS games, sponsored by Polk Audio among other gaming companies. Great streams and worth a follow if you’re into twitch streams on FPS games.

@CapeCodChips – Because they’re delicious and a great gaming snack. Props to their PR people for the tweets at Andrew.

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-Mike and Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast. (@TheDGCast on twitter!)