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Ep 24 – E3 Predictions & Air Conditioning (…what?)

Episode 24. May 31, 2015. Mike and Andrew get the E3 prediction podcast out of the way. Referencing some other sites (High Snobiety)(Tech Radar)(Trusted Reviews) to see what they think, while combining our own thoughts about what we hope to see at E3. Uncharted, Fallout 4, and hopefully some awesome Nintendo announcements are in there. At the end Andrew rants about PCs (again) and also air conditioning. Also, don’t blow out the speakers in your car. 

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@Cerajoy / @Ziggyziggz / @thePVPpodcast – Sarah & Dave our favorite Canadiens, who run the PVP Podcast. It’s great, go listen to it!

@E3 – The Official E3 Twitter account.

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