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Ep 25 – Catching up, Talking Games, New PC! And more E3 Stuff

Episode 25. June 14th, 2015. Mike and Andrew catch up on what they’ve been playing, and how Andrew is still alive after repairing the A/C. Andrew got an Alienware Alpha, so he chats about how it’s made his gaming set up even more fun. Discussion leads to E3 and games that we’re hoping to see, games that we will see, and various tangents here and there.


Alyzza Dawn – Cosplayer Friend of Mike’s. Check out her Facebook page and give her a like!

@Cerajoy / @ZiggyZiggz / @thePVPpodcast – Our resident Canadiens Sarah and Dave, and their podcast!

Shia LaBeouf – JUST DO IT!

As always, we’ll catch you on the flip.

-Mike & Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast