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PAX Preview: The Path of Motus

I had an opportunity to check out The Path of Motus in the Indie Minibooth on day 1 of PAX East this year, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The Path of Motus revolves around the idea of how you use your words. Instead of throwing a punch or a kick, you throw words. Those words have the ability to diffuse enemies if you match their words with yours, or your words will literally destroy them. It’s an interesting concept combined with solving puzzles creatively intertwined with bridge building. Part of your forward progress in the game is hindered by paths that need bridges, and you assemble the bridges by drawing them. The puzzles are solved by drawing lines to corresponding numbers. Once you have combined the proper amount of lines to each corresponding number the puzzles are solved and you can continue forward, or access areas with collectibles. 

I really enjoyed my time with the game and the aspect of choosing how you want to play the game creates a really interesting dynamic. By the end of my time with the demo I was trying to avoid eliminating “enemies” with my words and tried to take the high road by not taking them out. It really does give you a different perspective on how to play a game. 

Looking for more info? Check out the developer website here.

Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)