Bit Loom and Coatsink collaborate on PHOGS!

Bit Loom and Coatsink are delighted to announce a collaboration to bring PHOGS! to multiple platforms in 2019. As of right now no platforms are specifically confirmed, but they have said they are planning on multiple digital releases for the lovely puzzle game. 

PHOGS! is a stylised adventure physics puzzler set in a vivid and colourful world. Playing as two dogs connected end to end, sort of like a slinky-dog without a tail, you set off on a journey to complete puzzles and find unique ways to surpass obstacles and have as much fun as possible. 

Play by yourself using controls similar to ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’ (control each end with the left and right sticks simultaneously) or partner with a friend to play in co-op, working together. In co-op, your abilities to work together will prove incredibly helpful as you complete puzzles and explore more of the game.

Here’s a trailer BitLoom released a few months ago that gives you an idea of the mechanics and how the game plays. Since then the game has seen a number of updates, so look for new gameplay videos to release soon as well.

Attending PAX East? PHOGS! will be present and playable, as well as EGX Rezzed and Bitsummit in the next few months. 

If you’re interested for more info, check out Coatsink’s website.

Source: Coatsink

Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)