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Ep 23 – Destiny House of Wolves Content & Other Games We’ve Been Playing

Episode 23. May 24th, 2015. Mike and Andrew discuss the new Destiny House of Wolves DLC content and how it revitalizes the franchise in a positive way. The Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris bring back the competitive nature people have been looking for with this FPS. Andrew talks about the Guns Up! beta he’s in currently, and mike rounds it out with The Witcher 3. Somewhere along there we tangent off into some random stuff, but this episode was a low key just catching up.

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Ichico Comics – A Cosplay group Mike’s a part of and loves to support. Check’em out!

Tasharen Entertainment – Windward Dev. It’s a cool game, so you should check it out.

@CerajoyΒ / @ZiggyZiggz / @ThePVPPodcast – Our usual shoutouts to our Canadian pals Sarah & Dave πŸ˜€

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-Mike & Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast