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Ep 22 – Interview: Alex from PixelNAUTSGames – Lost Orbit, Development Stuff, and The Power of Mobile Games

Episode 22. May 17th, 2015. Interview with Alex from PixelNAUTS Games, a developer in Canada that just released the awesome game Lost Orbit. As Andrew and Mike call it, “an awesome game where you die alot,” but more aptly a “dodge’m up” where it’s like a schmup (Shoot’em up) but with no guns. You’ll be dodging and weaving, narrowly escaping death with every passing second as you rocket through space with your jetpack. We chat with Alex about releasing a game, developmental processes while making a game, among other things. We also talk about Konami’s decision to go mobile, and the (not) mystery surrounding the success of mobile games and how it’s not a “casual” audience.

YouTube Link (Or listen via the website player below the post!)


Lost Orbit (PS4 | Steam) Available NOW!

@PixelNAUTSGames – The main account for PixelNAUTS, dev studio known for Lost Orbit, but also worked on Contrast on PS4 and other mobile games too!

@PixelNAUTSChris – One of the co-founders of PixelNAUTS!

@GioFeltrin – Composed the music for Lost Orbit!

@Cerajoy / @ZiggyZiggz / @ThePVPPodcast – Sarah and Dave get our regular shoutout, as well as their podcast the PVP Podcast.

Go give all our shoutouts a follow! Again, huge thank you to Alex for coming onto the cast and chatting with us. Hope you all enjoyed this episode, be sure to tune in weekly here on the website, or if you’re on iOS you can subscribe to our podcast through the app, and you’ll always have it at the ready as episodes are posted.


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