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MomoCon Panels To Be Streamed

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MomoCon 2015 will feature some of the bigger panels live on twitch during the convention. As the largest gaming event in the southeastern part of the US, they decided to also feature some of the best panels on twitch so that others could watch who were unable to attend. The breakdown is listed below.

MomoCon Panels (Thursday, May 28th through Sunday, May 31st)

  • Borderlands Behind the Characters – Gearbox Software
  • Inside Hi-Rez Game Design – Hi-Rez Studios
  • eSports – Riot Games, Hi-Rez Studios, Justin Wong (Twitch)
  • Breaking Into the Games Industry – 343 Industries, Hi-Rez Studios, Sega
  • Halo: Panel Evolved – Voice Actors for Master Chief (Steve Downes) and the Arbiter (Keith David)
  • The Art of Smite – Hi-Rez Studios
  • Journey of Art Through Disney – Thatgamecompany

Three twitch channels have been set up for the streaming: MomoConTV1, MomoConTV2, MomoConTV3

For a full listing of events, see the MomoCon Schedule here.

Also for fans of the Kinda Funny crew, Colin & Greg Live will be streamed live Thursday and Friday at 2pm EST from MomoCon, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to see C&G Live if you’re attending MomoCon. 

Source: Bohle PR | MomoCon

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)