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PS5 Pre-Orders Go Live Early, Causing Problems

September 16th, 2020.

We finally get the PS5 Showcase, release date, pre-order information, and pricing. The PS5 Digital edition is $399 USD and the disc-based is $499 USD. Release date: November 12th, 2020, which is just weeks away. Pre-orders were supposed to be live tomorrow, the 17th, however many retailers were listing them live via direct links, and now consumers are all confused as to what’s going on.

Also note that some games are $69 USD now, raising the cost by 10 bucks.

I was able to pre-order a PS5 Dualsense controller via Wal-Mart, but I didn’t opt to get a console yet because it’s a lot of money and right now I have to prioritize things. Your milage may vary.

That said, twitter has a lot of people that were able to secure a console while others had been patiently waiting til tomorrow to snag theirs, only to find out pre-orders are live and rapidly selling out. Now they’re annoyed, and rightfully so.

As of this post, I haven’t seen anywhere (Target, Walmart, BestBuy, GameStop) that list a Digital-Only pre order available for the PS5. I did see PS5 disc based consoles available at some retailers, but I imagine they’ll also be gone soon too. (See above, Target’s already out of both).

What I hope doesn’t happen is that with already scarce console availability (WCCFTech link) and now a pre-order goof, that people aren’t forced into a high price situation where buyer takes all to get a PS5 at launch. Time will tell as we wait to see how retailers and/or Sony responds to this.

Written by: Andrew (@Soafterisaid)