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Ep 88 – New PSVR, New Releases, and Destiny 2 Post-Launch Discussion

Episode 88. October 12th, 2017. The discussion leads off with a tangent (NO SURPRISE) but quickly gets back on track to talk about the updated PSVR that’ll be launching in Japan and then making its way to the States thereafter. The major takeaway is the ability to use HDR without having to disconnect the PSVR processing box, and a redesign of the headset to include a headset (side note: they’re earbuds and they don’t look like they will be amazing, but hey I’ve been wrong before). We also talk about upcoming and recent releases (Cuphead, Forza 7, The Evil Within 2, etc) and Super Mario Odyssey. The Nintendo Switch bundle for Odyssey looks awesome and I wonder if there is a collector’s item out of it by keeping it sealed up for years, but collecting gaming things just isn’t as worthwhile when it’s going to be so heavily mass produced. Unless they pull an NES Classic with that bundle, of course.

We end our discussion talking about Destiny 2, where Andrew and Mike have similar but differing opinions of our feelings on the game at current. 

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