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Ep 55 – Xbox One Experience & The Division Beta

Episode 55. January 31st, 2016. WARNING: Andrew goes on a rant this episode. It’s not like a rant rant, but he’s just confused about the Xbox One. Trying really hard to enjoy the console but it’s hard to ignore the flaws. That said, as much of a train wreck of an episode this week’s is, we touch on some important things, like being friendly to gamers of all types, cause that’s the point.

We also talk about The Division Beta and how it hit capacity and people were clearly abusing the pre-order beta access by canceling pre-orders after they received their codes. While we can’t confirm that’s exactly the reason the beta access was limited (they sent out emails to people informing them the waitlist was basically not happening), we tend to think it was. 

Shoutout to @TheDivisiongame though, the game seems to really be hitting well with most people. Props Ubisoft.

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-Andrew & Mike, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast