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Ep 19 – Mortal Kombat X, Silent Hills, and Gains

Episode 19. April 26th, 2015.

Note: Audio wasn’t balanced right so Mike is loud and Andrew is quiet. Be careful with how loud you put the volume up because Andrew’s audio didn’t come through super great, unfortunately.

Mike and Andrew talk about the violence and gore in Mortal Kombat X’s fatalities/brutalities and how graphically it’s way different than your Genesis and Super Nintendo versions. They also talk Kojima and what’s going on with Silent Hills now that Del Toro has said it’s “not happening.” We then talk Kojima and MGS as well with the mystery surrounding Konami changing Kojima Productions name and adjusting artwork and websites as such as well.

Lastly we end on Robert Downey Jr. and Protein World’s ability to stand up for what they believe in.


@hodgetwins – The Hodge Twins run a YouTube channel where they talk fitness and gains! They are also funny as hell and Mike and Andrew both approve of gains.

@ProteinWorld – The Protein/Fitness company at the center of a debate on body shaming. They just want to help people who’re interested in fitness stay fit. Andrew gives them a double thumbs up.

@Cerajoy – Sarah as always gets a shoutout, for her website @thegeekmates and @thepvppodcast with @ziggyziggz. Sarah’s also getting mad gains.

Again, sorry about the audio issues. Andrew was using a different microphone and obviously we’ll need to revert to the old mic cause it had better audio settings.

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