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Ep 20 – Silent Hills, YookaLaylee & Crowd-Funding Dilemmas

Episode 20. May 6th, 2015. Mike and Andrew start off talking about Silent Hills and the “mystery” surrounding how it’s no longer available on the PSN Store (via for download (at the end of April), and then further discuss what could be going on with Konami, and licensing issues that could have arised. Also the ridiculousness of paying $800 for a PS4 with P.T. installed on it.

We also discuss YookaLaylee, the Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor by Playtonic Games, comprised of the team responsible for the original Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country. The YookaLaylee Kickstarter was a HUGE success (and still continues to raise money for the next 40 days or so), hitting it’s initial $270k goal within the first hour. As of this post, it sits at $2.2 MILLION bucks. We discuss the kickstarter and different pledge amounts and what you get. We also discuss secondary crowd funding measures in general, as there is a person raising money to use for the YookaLaylee kickstarter.

We hope you enjoy listening to us and glad you’re along for the ride. We’re now available regularly on our website, itunes via Podcast app, and posting on YouTube as well.


-Mike & Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast

Source: IGN | Kickstarter