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Ep 52 – Special Guest: Sam (aka Doc_Gamer)

Episode 52. January 10th, 2016. Sam aka Doc Gamer, known for his show on the now-retired PS Home “Replay with Doc”, as well as being a contestant on Season 1 of Sony’s reality TV series The Tester, joins us on the podcast to talk gaming and other stuff. Sam brings microtransactions to the table, while Mike brings a “what would you create” video game cross over question. We end it with Andrew talking expensive and new tech from CES as well as the price revealed Oculus Rift.


Kaptastrophe Cosplay / Seth Groves Art / CJ Marsh Art

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As always feel free to like, comment, subscribe, tweet, and all that good stuff on our YouTube or @TheDGCast on twitter. Again, big thanks to Sam for joining us this week and we hope you all enjoyed our ramblings.


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