ZergID MMO Network Hits A Half-Million Users!

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ZergID, the MMO Social Media Network has reached over a half million users with 750,000 characters applied to those accounts. That’s huge considering that it’s still in beta, and it’s only been out about one year.

If you didn’t know, ZergID allows you to easily manage your multiple MMO accounts, and quickly and easily organize group gameplay sessions, raid groups, etc. all from one unique platform. Their Guild management system allows you to manage the different MMO games you play without having to maintain multiple forum accounts.

They’re currently working on more additions to the functionality of the system, including a “search by rank” system to allow players to quickly organize groups of similar-level players to more easily tackle big raids or quests in game. If you’re an MMO player, or struggle to manage guilds across multiple games, definitely look into what ZergID offers. 

To register for the ZergID Beta head over to their website and sign up today! Also check out their twitter for more updates as well.

Source: Bohle PR

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)