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Ep12 – *Disclaimer* Day One Editions yay or nay?

February 10, 2015. Episode 12.

*Disclaimer* Unfortunately there were some audio issues that basically ruined the last half of the podcast. The initial main topic, Day One editions of games, is pretty much all that was salvaged from the files. Rather than re-recording the podcast (which most likely wouldn’t have ended up being the same) we’re releasing the podcast as it is, just super shortened because of the crummy audio halfway in. You’re only missing Andrew talking about old computers, so you didn’t miss much.

We will hopefully have these audio issues resolved for the recording of our next podcast and will continue to bring you our discussions on gaming and tech stuff.

Shoutouts: Nokia – Because they made awesome indestructible phones.

Apple – Because Time Machine saved Andrew’s laptop once upon a time.

AOL – Because AIM and those old school chat rooms were classic.

Again, feel free to give us suggestions or topic ideas via twitter @TheDGCast or e-mail us thedgcast (at) gmail (dot) com. We’re doing our best to provide some entertainment for your drive to work, your workout, or for your listening pleasures when you’re just chilling out. Let us know what you want us to talk about or if you have suggestions to improve the podcast.

We appreciate you all listening to our podcast and we’re happy to be doing this. Thanks!

-Mike and Andrew, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast