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Ep 8 – What we’ve been up to since last year and retro game collecting

January 10th, 2015 – Episode 8. Today Mike and Andrew chat about what they’ve been up to gaming (as usual Destiny makes an appearance), plus they get off topic as usual and go from gaming to retro collecting and classic games. Apologies for Andrew’s cough, we edited out the parts where he coughed a lot. Hopefully it doesn’t sound too choppy.


Sophii Cosplay – A friend of Mike’s who does cosplaying. Check out her work!

The Testers from Sony’s Season 3 – Sony had a reality tv series and the twitter accounts below belong to a good portion of the cast from Season 3. Many of them are good twitter friends and Andrew has met a bunch of them at various conventions. They’re all super cool people and love gaming so you should give them a follow! Watch the first episode of Season 3 on youtube!

Krysti Pryde / Akilleez Might / Reality Pales / Nicole (Asuka) / J-Tight / SkyDiddy / Egoraptor

We hope your 2015 is off to a good start, and we’re glad you’re along for the ride. We’re now officially on itunes so feel free to add us to your podcast app on ipod/iphone or through itunes! 😀

-Mike and Andrew (The Disconnected Gamers Podcast)